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Genuine brown Greek Leather (2mm thick) is tied in an infinity knot and accented with antiqued copper. The never-ending infinity knot represents eternity, equilibrium and balance. Wear it as a symbol of your inner balance.

  • Genuine Greek Leather, 2mm thick
  • Bracelet size: choose your size, it will be adjustable +/- a 1/2" around that size
  • Hypoallergenic/Nickel Free: Yes


Sizing your bracelet: Please see the Size Guide above or the Sizing tab below for more details. This bracelet is adjustable so you can wear it at your chosen size, plus or minus 1/2".

How To Size Your Bracelet

Using a piece of string (or fabric measuring tape), measure your wrist just above the wrist bone (towards your elbow, not your hand). This is the circumference of your wrist. Depending on the type of fit you would like, add the following to your measured wrist circumference to get a final bracelet size:

Snug fit (won't move much): add 1/4" to 1/2"
"Comfort" fit (will move, but stay above your hand): add 3/4" to 1"
Loose fit (may drape down on your hand a bit): add 1-1/4"

Pick the bracelet size closest to this final calculation. For example, if I measured my wrist as 5.75" and would like a snug fit, I would pick either size 6 or size 6.5 as my bracelet size. If I wanted a loose fit that would hang down a bit on the top of my hand, I'd pick size 7.


Handmade Greek Leather Infinity Knot With Copper Bracelet | Custom Sizing Clasp

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